Sister Wives: Kody’s Daughter Gwendlyn Trades Family Secrets For Money


The Sister Wives star kid Gwendlyn has been in the recent news because of spilling the family tea. Apparently, she has understood that she can make a good amount from her family’s drama. Gwen is the daughter shared by Kody Brown and Christine. It was indeed hard for the kid to watch her parents parting their ways, but it seems the smart kid took it another way around. The star kid has decided to trade the show’s insights and get all rich. Keep reading to know how much Gwen will cost you to tell the Brown’s secret.

Sister Wives: Gwendlyn’s Bank Balance Increases Amidst Family Drama

The recent seasons of Sister Wives have been full of dr ama and twists. Amidst all the drama, Gwendlyn thought of converting them into pure cash. Recently the star went live on TikTok and spilled some serious inside details of the show. That’s when her friend suggested she make use of the information. Gwen instantly made an account on Patreon. Apparently, this platform helps you to ask questions from celebs in exchange for a few bucks. Gwen promises to tell the ultimate truth from her point of view to the fans.

Sister Wives

Within a week, Gwendlyn’s followers went over 3,000 subscribers as per tvshowsace. Gwen is planning to review each episode of the show and then reveal what is true and what isn’t. She even has an option where fans can chat with her in one-on-one conversation, but it obviously comes with a cost. The account has different tiers. Yet, considering her 3000 subscribers, the TLC star roughly makes $15,000 -$30,000 a month. Considering her popularity, the site charges around 2.5 percent of the total amount earned. However, Gwen would still make a lot of money just by telling what she already knows.

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Sister Wives: Gwen Spills Tea About Robyn & Janelle

Recently, the Sister Wives star kid went live on TikTok and candidly answered a fan’s question. The star apparently revealed a dark secret about the Brown family. A fan tactically asked the star if Meri, Robyn, and Kody were the only ones sticking together. Gwen got into the trap and answered, ‘yes, I think’. Though the fans already saw this coming as Janelle and Kody didn’t sit together at their son’s wedding. However, Gwen gave a green flag that the audience could expect Janelle to announce her divorce someday.

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In another instance, the star kid slammed Robyn for being the ‘worse in person’. This was the first time any Brown kid openly slammed the infamous fourth wife of the patriarch. A fan asked Gwen the reason she doesn’t like Robyn. The star kid didn’t hesitate and answered that though she dont like to trash-talk people, but Robyn is worse in person. The fans didn’t take it otherwise because Robyn was one of the core reasons Gwen’s parents had to part ways. However, fans are really excited to know what the star has more to reveal.