’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Debbie Johnson Abandons Colt Johnson – Tells Mama’s Boy She’s Moving To Canada To Live With Tony – LC


’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers reveal that star, Debbie Johnson finally told her son, Colt Johnson that she is Canada — and as expected, he didn’t react well to the news.

Monday’s episode saw Debbie and her Canadian man, Tony meet up with her son, Colt and his wife, Vanessa Guerra, for dinner. She broke the news to him that she’s packing her bags and moving to Canada. Debbie told the cameras that, “I am so stressed because Colt is very unpredictable.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Debbie Johnson Tells An Emotional Colt Johnson That She Is Moving To Canada

And also, I have not seen Vanessa since she decided to move out. She thinks I’m interfering in their relationship, so things could get really ugly.” The episode showed Debbie and Tony arrive at the restaurant where Colt and Vanessa were already sitting down at their table. Tony was introduced to the couple for the first time.

In a confessional, Colt says,  “My mother doesn’t like to listen to me. She thinks she knows best, but it’s very important for me that she at least doesn’t make a mistake.” After their food arrived, Debbie told her son that she and Tony “feel like we’ve known each other forever.

We love each other. I don’t know how to explain it, but we do.” Then Vanessa asks her, “What makes him so perfect?” and Debbie responded, saying, “Everything. He’s the calm one and I’m, you know, crazy. And he loves me.” Colt asked his mother’s lover point-blank: “Would you say you love my mother, Tony?” and the Canadaian man said yes and explained, “It’s funny when you meet somebody and you get along instantly and you can literally talk about anything, and we’ve always gotten along. It’s just something, you know.”

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Vanessa said that ebbie seemed happy, and mother and son agreed. In a confessional, Debbie said that she wanted to break the news of her relocation at this dinner because it was “now or never.”

Debbie went on to drop the bomb, saying “We’re packing up, and we’re moving to Canada. Tomorrow’s our last day here.” “Seriously?” a shocked Colt asked. “How long are you gonna stay up there for?” “Forever,” Debbie replied. When Colt asked if his mom was really ready to move in with Tony, she said yes. She continued to say that “We believe in destiny. It was destiny when I met your dad.

That was definitely destiny. And this was destiny too.”In a confessioanl, Colt said “I don’t really have a frame of reference for the type of man that my mother should date or be interested in only my father and let me tell you, Tony is definitely not my father. I didn’t think she’d move so quickly with Tony,” he continued, “but now with the distance between us, I’m afraid my mother and I will never have a better relationship.”

Debbie then suggested that Colt and his wife travel to Canada for visits, he said “I would still like to try to improve our relationship. I would like to at least continue to try something.” Debbie agreed. When Colt asks if she would miss him, Debbie said,”Oh my God, I’ve never been away from you. Of course, I’m gonna miss you.”

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Debbie later said in a confessional: “I’m really surprised that Colt is okay with me moving to Canada, but I am concerned that he’s gonna resent it. I really hope time away from each other and giving him his space will lead to a good family relationship.”