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The 90 Day Fiance star Tim Malcolm is a well-known face of the reality show. He made his debut in an early season of the show. Apparently, he is known for his love stories with Veronica and Jennifer. However, things didn’t work out with both of them, and they parted ways. Amid all the chaos, some strange speculation was up in the town during his relationship with Jennifer stating that Malcolm is gay. However, he slammed the rumors by posting a sizzling clip with his girlfriend, Linda Ramirez. We have all the information related to this, so keep on reading.

90 Day Fiance: Tim Found His Soulmate Amid Marriage Pact With Veronica

The 90 Day Fiance star, Tim Malcolm, has officially confessed his love for Linda on social media. Though the couple has a tremendous age gap of 17 years, it seems that things are working out between them. The Colombian native met Tim on an international dat ing site and eventually fell for each other. It was ironic that in a recent episode of the show, Veronica revealed her ‘marriage pact’ with Tim. Soon after that, Tim re-shared a clip of Linda and expressed his love for her. Making it crystal clear that neither the star is gay nor he is single.

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However, fans feel that Tim and Veronica’s marriage pact is null and void, as the star recently took to Instagram to share a clip with his girlfriend. While he reshared Linda’s clip, he added a caption that though he doesn’t say it enough, he is really grateful to have the Colombian native in his life. Tim also added that his girlfriend Linda not only gets him but also helped him to laugh in the past three years of his life. Apparently, that’s the only thing that has helped him heal his soul. Fans are eager to watch if the couple will last forever or not.

90 Day: Tim Finally Opens Up To The Rumors About His Sexuality

There have been many rumors about the 90 Day Fiance star, Tim Malcolm being gay. The speculations’ birth dates back to when the star showed passiveness in intimacy with Jennifer. Jeniffer and the viewers thought it was because the star was not straight. Things got even worst when Tim appeared alongside Kenny in a Tell-All episode of the show. His look in the episode was mocked, and he had to face many mean comments.


However, recently a fan took to Twitter and stated that it was his style and not his gayness particularly. Tim responded by replying ‘facts’ to the comment. In another instance, a fan asked the star if he had ever been with a man. Perhaps Malcolm thought it was high time to clear the doubts and replied that he hadn’t ever been with a man. He also added that he has no interest in men and never fantasized about being with a man, either. This at least gave some air to the mean speculations going on

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