Sister wivesTLC: ROBYN BROWN NEWS Sister Wives Fans Think Robyn Brown Died After Emergency HOSPITALIZATION! Is She Alive?


Emergency Alert! The Sister Wives has always been a show with several ups and downs, but the recent seasons have crossed all the limits of drama. Season 17 revolves around the aftermaths of the infamous divorce, which featured Christine packing up and moving to Utah! The reactions of all the other Sister Wives. It also featured the fourth wife, Robyn Brown, getting caught by Covid-19 and falling ill. The recent trailer reveals that she has been in a serious condition and has been immediately taken to the hospital! However, lately, fans feel that maybe Robyn couldn’t survive the virus as there are no signs of life when it comes to her online presence! To know more, keep on reading.

Sister Wives: Is Robyn Brown Alive Or Dead?

The Sister Wives fans are aware of how strictly the patriarch made his favorite wife follow the Covid-19 protocols. Kody’s rules were undoubtedly strict but, to some extent, were unreasonable even though the favorite wife did fail to abide by them! Yet, ironically, she fell prey to the virus, and that too very severely. The upcoming episodes will feature Kody Brown rushing to the hospital in order to save his favorite wife’s life. Robyn is wearing a mask and is in an emergency state. Though the patriarch was also amidst Covid in 2021, Robyn is really serious comparatively! She was also spotted explaining how she followed all the protocols yet “still got us”, says Robyn.

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Meanwhile, Kody was seen confessing to the cameras that the chances are odd for his wife to survive. The fans think that maybe Robyn did not survive! And there are chances that she is No More! It has been a while since the favorite wife hasn’t posted anything on her social media. Though she never was a social bee, Robyn often posted on Twitter

a couple of years ago. Since 2019 she didn’t post anything on Instagram or other social media handles. Fans are dicy now! As per Kody’s reaction, Sister Wives fans feel that maybe Robyn was really serious and couldn’t survive the pandemic. This is because lately, there have been no signs of life when it comes to Robyn!


For the fans of the popular TLC show, TV Season & Spoilers decided to investigate this matter, and the results aren’t shocking. The favorite wife evidently survived and is surely alive! In an interview, Christine recently mentioned that Kody and Robyn drove to Utah to attend Mykelti’s baby shower for her twins. Even if we look closely, Robyn also attended Logan’s recent Brown family wedding as well! She was seen sitting with Kody in the pictures from the function!

Sister Wives: Is Robyn The Reason For Janelle-Kody’s Split?

It was relieving for the audience of Sister Wives that Robyn Brown has survived. Recently, she made an appearance at Janelle’s son’s wedding. Photos from Logan and Michelle’s wedding were exclusively revealed by TVSS. The star was sitting with her spouse during the entire function. Fans found it disturbing to see Kody being with his favorite wife again when he should have been with his second wife and son to celebrate the day. Yet, he came as a guest! Fans feel that maybe Janelle and Kody have parted ways! Lately, the fans are aware that the couple is not sharing a positive bond.

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In a picture from the wedding, Janelle was sitting in the front row while Kody was sitting on the opposite side of the aisle in the second row. Usually, at weddings, the front rows are for the parents of both bride and groom. But it seems that the patriarch, just because of his issues with his wife, missed the duties of fatherhood! Logan has not been a part of the show lately and didn’t prefer to make appearances as well; he also decided to keep his wedding away from Sister Wives. Perhaps his wedding wouldn’t be a part of upcoming seasons of the show!

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