‘90 Day Fiancé’ Star Usman Umar Reveals Where His Income Goes


90 Day Fiancé spoilers, news, and updates tease that Usman shared a peak of where his money goes, and it melted his followers’ hearts.

Following his failed relationship with his ex-wife, Lisa “Baby Girl” Hamme, the Nigerian rapper once again made his way to the TLC show. He took chances on Kim Menzies, who claimed to be his “superfan.” After his traumatic past relationship, Usman Umar wanted to take things slowly with Kim as the latter yearned to be his girlfriend.

When the two made their way to Tanzania for the rapper’s shoot of his music video “Zara,” they became closer and Usman considered Kim as his “potential girlfriend.” The San Diego resident was also slammed by viewers online when she convinced Usman to sleep with her in one room and be intimate with her. However, after all the criticisms they received, the two became officially in a relationship.

‘90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers – Usman Umar Shares His Foundation

In one of his recent posts on social media, Usman shared some photos of himself alongside Kim Menzies and people dressed in printed shirts that says: “USB Foundation.” He also shared his photos of visiting some areas of Nigeria, giving support to people in need.

The TLC star then dedicated his caption to his bashers, who constantly say that he is “broke.” He stated how amazing his life is, especially when he got to help the needy. Usman also acknowledged his fans for their support and his “Queen” Kimberly for accompanying him on that beautiful experience.

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His followers filled the comment section with love and support, saying: “Soja, you’re always inspiring me.” One fan commented, “Keep the good work going!” Another one chimed in, “Life is all about helping others.”

‘90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers – Usman Umar’s Mom Wants Kim Menzies To Be Her Son’s Second Wife

In other news, Usman’s mother, Fadimatu, wanted his son to marry a young woman before Kim. PEOPLE shared a clip of Usman telling his family about his plan of marrying Kim and having a second wife who could bear his children. However, his family wanted the other way, making Kim his second wife and the other woman his first.

When the Nigerian rapper opened up about his family’s thoughts, Kim wasn’t pleased with the idea. In an interview, the mother-of-one explained how important it is for her to be the first wife. She stated that she was always put as second in her previous relationship and she won’t let that happen to her once again.

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