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The 90 Day Fiance couple Sumit and Jenny has been one of the most familiar faces of the reality show. The couple has never-ending ups and downs in their lives. Recently, the couple returned from their honeymoon and had to face yet another issue, Sumit’s parents! The Indian man, just to please his parents, has agreed to have children. But this decision definitely comes with costs to pay. To know more, keep on reading.

90 Day Fiance: Did Jenny Agree To Have Kids With A Spouse Of Half Of Her Age?

The 90 Day Fiance stars, Sumit and Jenny, made their debut on the very first season of The Other Way spin-off series. Despite all the ups and downs, the couple finally decided to get married in 2021. Their age gap has been an issue that’s why Sumit’s family has completely abandoned him. His parents want him to have a normal life with kids and a bright future which his parents think Jenny might not be able to serve! The couple recently came back from their honeymoon, and Sumit decided to confront his parents for the same. But it seems his mother was a bit serious when she said that she doesn’t even consider him as her son anymore. Apparently, the elderly couple didn’t turn up!

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Instead, his aunt turned up and told him about the pathetic condition of Sumit’s parents. Considering that 33 year old made a promise of having kids in the future! In an exclusive clip from ET, Sumit reveals to his business partner that her open to fatherhood now. However, Rohit’s reaction wasn’t pleasing. Indeed, he doubted how the couple would execute the plan because of their age gap! The star mentions Sumit is looking for options like Adoption and Surrogacy

! Yet Rohit isn’t convinced as he isn’t sure this decision will sort things out or complicate them even further! He tries to convince that Sumit also needs to understand his wife even after marriage!

90 Day Fiance: Is Sumit Deciding To Shift To America Forever?

Lately, fans noticed the 66-year-old is determined enough to take Sumit with her to America and never return. 90 Day Fiance fans think that Jenny simply doesn’t want to adjust to Sumit’s ‘Indianess’. However, according to her, if her in-laws are not accepting the couple, then they should move to her homeland, where people will easily accept them. But Sumit is reluctant to leave India as he accepts in the clip that he cannot live without his parents. Moreover, everything is in India, his parents, friends, and business, which he simply cannot dump and leave!

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The fans are really excited to see what upcoming episodes hold! As Jenny yet isn’t aware of his spouse’s family planning. Apparently, the couple never even had a conversation about this topic. Moreover, It will be interesting to see if Jenny will agree to her love of life even after her adult daughters and grandchildren from her previous marriage!

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