LPBW Star Matt Roloff Mocks Amy For Being Against New Farm Idea


Matt Roloff from Little People, Big World is caught bad-mouthing Amy to a crowd of visitors at the pumpkin patch after she disagrees with him.

It is no secret that Little People, Big World‘s Amy and Matt Roloff have never seen eye to eye, but fans were surprised when he was caught mocking his ex-wife during pumpkin season. Matt has always believed that his ideas are the best but usually at the expense of putting down those around him. While he may not have always been caught in the act, fans are finally able to see his true colors.

Followers of Little People, Big World learned via the U.S. Sun that even though the couple is divorced, Matt still harbors some intense emotions towards Amy. While taking part in a storytime activity during the recent pumpkin patch season, Matt was caught by visitors making fun of Amy and her opinions on his next venture with the farm. Apparently, Matt became very animated when speaking about Amy as he tried to imitate her voice and threw his arms around.


Little People, Big World’s Matt Roloff Reveals House Plans

The source shared that Matt invited fans to listen to him read his book, Little Lucy’s Big Race, but got a bit sidetracked when he revealed his new plans for the big house that Amy used to live in. While answering Little People, Big World fans’ questions, Matt announced he had decided to take the farm off the open market and instead try to rebrand it as an Airbnb. According to Matt, Amy was “completely against” the idea. He then revealed that Amy was upset by the prospect of using their old home as a rental. In typical Matt fashion, he reiterated the conversation by raising his voice. Amy wasn’t at the Q&A but was working on the farm that day.

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The new trailer for Little People, Big World showed Amy warming up to the big idea as TLC was allowed to film the former couple walking through the home to outline what needed to be renovated. In a social media post, Matt outlined how he planned to rent the house to fans. While he noted that prices hadn’t been set, it will come down to the time of year and demand for the property. Viewers feel Matt had no other choice as the property has been just sitting on the market with no interest shown.

TLC viewers are looking forward to the new season of Little People, Big World since there has been a lot of turmoil in the family. Last season showed Matt pricing out his own son, Zach, as he tried to purchase the farm. Matt has always preached how important it was for his children to take over the working farm, but all fans saw was his lust for money. Hopefully, plan B works out better for Matt than selling, but only time will tell.

Little People, Big World premieres November 1 at 9 p.m. EDT on TLC.

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