Sister Wives: Why Truely’s Reaction To Christine & Kody Divorce Is Sad


Truely Brown broke Sister Wives viewers’ hearts after she revealed her feelings about Christine and Kody ending their 25-year marriage.

Even though Truely Brown says she is taking Kody and Christine’s divorce well, Sister Wives viewers feel the tween may be putting on a brave face. The 12-year-old has been neglected by her father for years after he chose to hunker down with his favorite wife, Robyn. Truely has done her best to reach out to her father, but in the end, she is the child in the situation.

During a recent episode, Sister Wives viewers’ hearts melted as Truely and Christine had a frank discussion about where she stands with Kody. Viewers finally heard Truely’s side of the story as she revealed it was extremely “hurtful” to be the last to know about the divorce since she is the child who will be most affected by it. Even though Truely was “extremely upset” by the breakup news at first, she candidly told Christine that she had noticed signs of her parents’ relationship struggling early on. Truely told the camera the realization was a “bit of a heartbreak at first.

Truely & Kody Haven’t Been Close For Years

Sister Wives then saw Kody’s take as he spoke out in a confessional saying he went to Christine’s home the day after, noting he was surprised at how calm Truely was. Viewers didn’t appreciate how Kody became defensive. This was especially true after Truely revealed the conversation didn’t go on past the point of her saying she was okay.

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Sister Wives viewers will recall that Truely has been at the center of multiple storylines which have shown just how bad Kody is at treating his children equally. During an earlier season of the show, the entire Brown family gathered at Robyn’s home to celebrate Ariella’s birthday. In the clip, Kody urged his daughter to blow out her candles, calling her sweetie and giving her a big hug. But in an extremely sad hot mic moment, Truely was caught hiding her tears as she said, “I used to be your sweetie.

It is painfully obvious to Sister Wives viewers that Truely and many of the other Brown children have been pushed to the side and excluded. While Truely’s reaction to the divorce seems a bit cold, it makes sense that she may have compartmentalized her feelings for her father years ago and is now no longer affected by him choosing to show up and put forth the minimal effort. Currently, Truely and Christine are living their best lives back in Utah where the tween is surrounded by her two older sisters and extended family.

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