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Pedro Jimeno recently got backlash, as The Family Chantel fans named him a reality TV villain, but the ex-husband of Chantel Jimeno appears to be trying to rebrand himself as a successful real estate agent. Pedro was once regarded as a likable 90 Day Fiancé cast member, who was working hard to achieve success in the US, alongside his wife. However, his new attitude during The Family Chantel season 4 earned him “user” and “potential abuser” labels instead. Pedro is now trying to reinvent himself, in front of the audience that he has attracted due to The Family Chantel.

Many The Family Chantel fans have turned on Pedro since the divorce, as he mistreated Chantel, and became shockingly cruel towards his wife. However, plenty of viewers have been keeping up with his real estate career, due to rumors that he is seeing his boss, Laura Delgado. The terrible professional reviews that Pedro has been receiving are also causing a lot of viewers to chart his perceived professional downfall. Despite becoming a reality TV villain, Reddit thread OP u/No_Description_4008 noted that Pedro had recently transformed his personal Instagram page into his “career” account, after deleting his “work” Instagram page. The Family Chantel star Pedro now has a professional headshot for his personal page, which describes him as a real estate agent.

Pedro Jimeno Doubles Down On His Real Estate Career


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Pedro appears to be going all in when it comes to his real estate career, a move which The Family Chantel fans have noticed. “Makes sense. His personal account has more followers and he’s hoping it’ll drum up business,” u/VNM0US wrote in the same thread. “Bingo! Gotta trap some customers somehow and the old bait and switch has worked pretty well with his green card situation,” skeptical commenter u/TheOtherKimberlyK responded. While many people have been dragging Pedro, his rebranding was noted as a strong business move by multiple fans. “I always thought he should have been using his account that almost half a million followers for his business. He’s smart for finally doing it,” u/coramicora noted.

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Pedro Jimeno Gets Active On IG After The Family Chantel


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In addition to making his personal Instagram account, his work page, The Family Chantel star Pedro has re-entered the scene on Instagram. Since news of his divorce from Chantel broke over the summer, Pedro has been very quiet on social media and has only shared a handful of posts. However, in the past week, he has already shared seven posts, as an apparent part of his rebranding. Pedro started with a video that promoted him as a realtor. He has since shown off an Audi car, and shared some images of himself in a turtleneck sweater. Pedro’s content is now structured around material success, and he is also eager to promote his real estate services.

Does Pedro Jimeno Have A Future On The Family Chantel?

It is currently unclear if Pedro will be returning for The Family Chantel season 5, as fans don’t know if the show will be renewed for an additional season. However, viewers have loudly asked TLC higher-ups to fire Pedro (and his villainous mother and sister) from the 90 Day Fiancé spin-off show. Many viewers have urged the network to focus on Chantel’s journey as a single woman instead, alongside her siblings Riverknight and Winter Everett. Pedro might be leaning into his real estate career because he knows his days on The Family Chantel are behind him now.

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