90 Day Fiance: Mike’s Mother Calls Natalie A SNAKE! Says She Cheated & Scammed Her Son Amid Patch-Up Rumors


Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva had one of the ugliest separations in the history of 90 Day Fiance. The Ukrainian woman was so fed up with her man that she left his home and settled in Florida. All her important documents and clothes were still in Seattle. At last, they reconciled in the latest episodes, and she was to come back to Mike’s place to thank him after his kind gesture (more on that later). However, his mother, Trish, had a problem with this, and she couldn’t help but badmouth Natalie. Keep reading to know more details on this.

90 Day Fiance: Mike’s Mom Trish Insults Natalie’s Intelligence, Calls Her A Troublemaker For Leaving! “Snake”

As mentioned above, Mike and Natalie’s relationship fell apart when the latter left the former. Since then, they hadn’t been on good terms. However, the American man came through when his ex-wife needed help. During the Ukraine-Russia war, Natalie’s mother was in Ukrainian. Hence, Mike bought her a plane ticket to flee the country and stay safe in Bulgaria. Natalie planned on visiting Seattle to meet her former lover and thank him for his kind gesture. That’s when fans found out that his mother, Trish, was living with him during that time. There was also an episode about this in the 90 Day Fiance: Diaries spin-off.

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Trish had all sorts of negative things to say about Natalie. She mentioned that her ex-daughter-in-law had some “nerve” coming back to Seattle. In fact, she wanted the Ukrainian woman to “mind her manners”. Mike’s mother was upset that she left everything, including her son, to move to Florida. Hence, the side castmate stated that Natalie causes all the “trouble and drama”. Mike’s mom took some cheap digs at her

by saying her “IQ is as big as a fart” and that she is a “lying, cheating, scamming, snake”.


90 Day Fiance: Mike Wants To Reconcile With Natalie? Still Has Feelings For Her!

While Mike’s mother, Trish, blasted off on Natalie through the confessional, he was of a different opinion. He also got a bit honest while speaking to the cameras. The man stated that there are still “old feelings” regarding his ex-wife. Apparently, it has been hard for Mike to “move past that”. He wanted their reunion to “spark things up”. But at the same time, Youngquist was concerned because he didn’t want his heart to get broken again. Yet, he felt it was a “possibility” that they could romantically reconcile when they meet.

Well, it was unclear whether Mike knew about Natalie’s relationship with Josh Weinstein

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. The latest 90 Days: The Single Life season is exploring their dynamics. Hence, Mike would possibly be shattered if Natalie chooses to disclose her relationship status in front of him in the new episodes. She didn’t talk about her romantic feelings for Mike in her confessional. However, she spoke highly of him for being a good man and helping her and her mother during a time of such a dire crisis.