Why LPBW Fans Think Chris Is A Better Grandfather Than Matt


Little People, Big World’s Chris Marek is a step-grandfather, and fans like him more than Matt Roloff. Chris stepped in when Matt distanced himself.

Chris Marek has taken on a new role as a step-grandfather on Little People, Big World, and fans think he’s doing a better job than Matt Roloff. The Roloff Farms owner got himself in major trouble with his family when an offer on the farm went south, and things haven’t been the same since. However, it seems like Matt’s distance from the Roloff grandchildren has allowed Chris to step in and form a closer relationship with the kids.

Even though Little People, Big World star Chris never had his own children, fans are noticing how great he is with Amy’s grandkids. On the show, he bonded with Zach and Tori Roloff’s son Jackson Roloff by giving him a fish tank as a gift. Little People, Big World fan intheshadows8990 compared Chris to Matt in a Reddit thread. “This guy doesn’t get talked about enough. He may be on the quiet side but Chris is so much better than Matt,” they wrote. The user included a screenshot from this week’s episode of LPBW, where Chris buys Jackson his first bicycle.


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Little People Big World Stars Chris And Matt’s Personalities Are Different

In a clip from the most recent episode of Little People, Big World posted by TLC, Chris is calm and patient with Jackson as he teaches him how to ride his new bike for the first time. “He is a better ‘father figure’ or ‘grandfather figure’ to the kids than Matt is,” the same Reddit user added. The LPBW fan also mentioned how Chris is trying really hard to bond and connect with all the Roloff grandkids. Matt and his girlfriend Caryn Chandler always seem to hold a grudge when things don’t go their way. While Matt is very cold and rough around the edges, it’s refreshing to know that Chris has a completely different personality.

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Little People, Big World fans are happy that Amy and Chris got married, and think they are a good match for each other. “He truly brings out the best in Amy too. They are (from what we are privy to) genuinely a great couple,” another Reddit user said. They added that Chris “truly seems to be a very involved grandfather,” which is a breath of fresh air for the Roloff family. For someone who hasn’t been a father before, Chris is enjoying being a grandparent and spending time with the kids. One user called Chris a “nice guy,” and commended him for knowing nothing about children, but still treating the grandkids as if they were his blood relatives.

With all the feuds happening on Little People, Big World, it’s nice to know that Chris is someone who gets along with everyone. So far, he is an amazing step-grandfather, as well as a loving husband to Amy. Chris even has a great friendship with Matt, who a lot of the family members are at a crossroads with right now. Matt should follow Chris’ example, and re-learn how to be a devoted grandparent.