The Family Chantel: Pedro’s New Diss Video Against Chantel Goes VIRAL!


Pedro and Chantel were once one of the most admired couples of 90 Day Fiance. The viewers loved their relationship and dysfunctional family dynamics so much that TLC had to give them a show of their own. Hence, all of them became part of The Family Chantel. However, things have hit rock bottom for the pair. That’s because they aren’t together anymore. Their marriage crumbled in the new season of the show. Now that they are separated and in the middle of getting a divorce, Pedro seemingly used his social media to dig at his ex! Keep reading to know more about this.

The Family Chantel: Pedro Makes A Video Calling Out Chantel! Fans Furious

Pedro and Chantel had a good run during their time on 90 Day Fiance. They were once a sweet couple having lots of love for each other. However, things were the exact opposite in the new The Family Chantel season. Moving into a new house, Pedro’s new job, and other things caused a lot of trouble between them. Alas, the couple got into several fights and decided it would be best to part ways. Well, it looks like Pedro Jimeno is still not over certain things. That’s because he made a post on Instagram shading his ex-wife, Chantel Everett.

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Pedro used viral audio to film his video. He was lip-syncing the words, “My love, you could be the last coca cola in the desert.” But the twist came when he said, “But I drunk juice”. All of it was in Spanish. Many The Family Chantel viewers found this content inappropriate. Hence, they began to school Pedro for “letting it go”. They had started disliking him since the time he referred to Chantel as a maid in the latest season. He also disregarded her feeling whenever she would want to talk to him and make peace with one another. Hence, he received a lot of backlash for continuing to go after Chantel when he was already in the middle of getting a divorce.

The Family Chantel: Pedro Returns On Instagram! Debuts New Look

Pedro has been maintaining a low-key profile since the latest season of The Family Chantel came to an end. That’s because many show viewers have been calling him out for his on-screen behavior. Hence, he started posting on social media less frequently. At last, he finally made a return on his Instagram platform. Many assumed that Pedro’s new real estate job must also keep him busy. He has made many posts about the same on his social media profile. In fact, Pedro put up a video debuting his new look.

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In the show, Pedro often stuck to very casual attire. It changed when he got a job. Hence, he would always wear formal shirts and trousers in the new season. Apparently, it seems like he finally found his style. In his latest post, the celebrity had donned a turtleneck sweater and a chain on top of it. His hair appeared different as well as he had curls. Pedro also had stubble, and his supporters took to the comments section to compliment him for his transformation.