Is Esme Prince Dead on ‘General Hospital’?


General Hospital villainess Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl) is currently nowhere to be found. She went flying over the Wyndemere parapet after an epic struggle with Ava Jerome (Maura West) on GH. But is the teen psycho dead and gone, or did she survive on the ABC sudser?

General Hospital: Esme Prince Meets Her Match

On GH, wicked Esme Prince recently faced off with Ava in an epic battle. Now that she knows the teen slept with her husband, Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma), the gloves are off. The former Jerome mob princess unleashed on teen psycho and even drew blood.

As furious as Ava was about Esme’s steamy romp with Nik, her primary focus was Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali), recall General Hospital recaps.

She was desperate for the crazy teen to clear Trina’s name so she wouldn’t go to prison. But, because of the way the epic showdown ended, the she-villain can’t save Trina. She may not even be able to save herself…

Evil Teen Missing on GH

Esme Prince vanished recently on General Hospital after falling off the castle parapet on Spoon Island. Nik shows up at Wyndemere right as Esme flies off the turret. No doubt, he’s horrified — but not because the villain might be dead.

Nik’s concern is his wife, who could go down for murder. So, he soon searches for Esme to help Ava on General Hospital. But it looks like she’s gone, and the ex-mafia princess is shaken.

Thankfully, she and Nik are the only ones who know what happened on the turret. And, of course, Nikolas will protect his wife. Official General Hospital spoilers say that the showdown will have a deadly end.

However, there’s an excellent chance that Esme will survive the fall. After all, it wasn’t that long ago that Ava herself went over the parapet. And Nikolas pulled her out of the water.

Also, her brother, Julian Jerome (William deVry), flew over. And Nik was tossed off the turret at one point also. So, it’s entirely possible that the awful teen lives. Indeed, there is more to her story. So, this likely is not the end of Esme.

Psycho Lives to Scheme Another Day on General Hospital

GH spoilers predict that Esme is alive out there somewhere. Of course, dead is never dead on a soap, especially for a villain. And even more so when that villain is Ryan Chamberlain’s (Jon Lindstrom) daughter.

And that bombshell still hasn’t dropped yet. Indeed, when it comes out, Ava will be beside herself on General Hospital. But then, the teen’s hatred toward her will make more sense. Also, there is still the matter of the villain’s birth mother.

So, it’s doubtful that the new she-villain will die off just yet. Most likely, Esme Prince is still alive and kicking.

Indeed, she has a lot more havoc to wreak on GH. So, we’ll have to wait and see when the psycho resurfaces to terrorize Port Charles once again on the ABC soap.

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