The Family Chantel: Winter Glams Up In One-Shoulder Dress Post Weight Loss


While enjoying a beach vacation with her girlfriend, The Family Chantel star Winter Everett reveals her post-weight loss figure in a glamorous dress.

Winter Everett from The Family Chantel recently showed off her glamorous side by posing in a short dress on Instagram. The young Atlanta native is best known for her recent 100-pound weight loss transformation that began sometime around her break up with her long-time partner, Jah. The TLC star opted for gastric sleeve surgery to kickstart her fitness journey and has since changed her personality, style, and fashion.

Recently, Winter posted a picture of herself in which she looked much more toned than before. She wore a short dress with a beautiful red floral pattern. Winter’s one-shoulder outfit had a thigh-high slit that exposed her legs. If the racy dress wasn’t enough, Winter made the photo more glamorous by striking a model pose that showed her embracing her new figure. The Family Chantel alum sported black wedges with her outfit and kept her hair tied while letting her natural curls shine through.

Winter Everett Enjoys Beach Vacation

The 90 Day Fiancé spin-off alum’s other Instagram stories reveal that she is hanging out and rejuvenating her mind and body by embracing a nice tropical vacation under the warmth of the sunlight. One of Winter’s recent stories shows her boating with a vast ocean in her background and looking genuinely happy. Another one of her Instagram stories shows her talking about going to the “Rainbow Reef.” Winter’s smile in her social media posts shows that she is living the best time of her life. The Family Chantel fans are supporting her by giving her sweet compliments and buying Instagram badges.

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Over the last few months, Winter has completely changed her life and become popular among fans. However, a few critics feel that she may not be as cheerful as she seems in her social media pictures. According to some people, Winter may be using her surgery-induced weight loss for Instagram clout, similar to other 90 Day Fiancé cast members Angela Deem and Tiffany Franco. Many viewers find Winter’s relentless positivity phony and think she aims to seek likes, praises, and followers by portraying an unnecessarily positive picture of her daily life.

Despite criticism, Winter keeps a smile on her face and rarely engages with the critics. Instead, she posts workout videos on social media showing her weight loss is due to hard work and a strict fitness regime. She has been inspiring countless fans with her fitness journey, who appreciate her body-positive outlook and inspirational messages. Winter’s positivity is also why brands find her a great candidate for sponsoring products. Over the last few months, The Family Chantel cast member has landed various brand deals as a weight loss influencer, and it’s easy to see why.