Sister Wives: Does Robyn Brown Have Bipolar Disorder? Sobyn’s Secret Spilled!


Robyn Brown has been a part of Sister Wives from the very beginning. In fact, the show began with her marriage to Kody Brown. Since then, they have become the show villains. That’s because it is quite clear to the audience that both of them have made each other their priority and don’t care about the rest of the wives, i.e., Meri, Janelle, and Christine. Hence, the latter left the family. In contrast, Robyn keeps facing the heat for her manipulation tactics and victimization. Now, some viewers have started to call her “bipolar”. Why is that? Keep reading to know more details about this.

Sister Wives: Fans Assume Robyn Brown Can Be Bipolar! Why Is That?

Robyn Brown has always been the biggest Kody supporter. Through the years, the Sister Wives fans have always seen the polygamist stick to his sexist ways. This has caused a lot of trouble in the family. Things only remain decent between Kody and Robyn. That’s because the couple has made each other their property. Although they say they care about the entire plural family, their actions prove otherwise. Lately, as per tvshowsace, a Redditor called out Robyn Brown for her strange behavior in the show.

They began mentioning how she tends to manipulate every one. Then they stated how she is crying at all times, showcasing herself as the “victim” in every situation. At last, another person mentioned that the infamous Sister Wives star had debt worth $10k while raising three kids

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. Hence, they posted that it sounded like she was “bipolar spending”. The person who made a comment stated that they were bipolar too. Hence, they knew. However, these are merely speculations on the internet. No one from the show has confirmed anything about this matter.


TV Season & Spoilers does not encourage these rumors!

Sister Wives: Robyn Wants More Partners? Wants Kody To Become A ‘Brother Husband!’

The Brown family was the first one to introduce the concept of polygamy on such a big scale in mainstream media. After more than a decade of airing, the show continues to be relevant, and fans love watching it. The cast members are also happy with the response it gets. However, in her confessional, Robyn Brown once mentioned how she wonders if the roles were “reversed”. Meaning she would like to see Kody Brown being a brother husband

, and the star would have more partners.

Kody maintained that he would play “video games” with his brother’s husbands and “get work done”. The celebrity emphasized that things would be different as men bond differently than women. Robyn quickly responded to this by saying that her husband was claiming these things, but the reality would be different. That’s because she recalled her husband getting “funny” whenever she mentioned her ex. So, she knew Kody would definitely deal with jealousy and wasn’t realizing it. However, no such thing will happen as the couple was only thinking of a hypothetical situation.

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