Sister Wives: Family Member Spill The Truth! Janelle & Kody Already Divorce?


The recent episodes of the Sister Wives are leading to some really heavy speculations. Season 17 completely focused on the aftermaths of the divorce and the strained relationships of the patriarch with his other wives. Due to some recent issues between Janelle and Kody, fans feel that the patriarch’s second wife would be the one to leave him next. The couple apparently has had a dull relationship and seems to be at odds with each other. Recently, the star kid hinted that maybe the couple had parted ways. To know more, keep on reading.

Sister Wives: Did Janelle Brown Leave The Polygamous Marriage?

TLC’s Sister Wives has been taking several blind turns these days. Recently, Gwendlyn Brown, who is the daughter of Christine and Kody, decided to reveal another one of them in the show. The star kid went Live with her best friend Sarah on TikTok and had a chit-chat session with her fans. Fans didn’t leave the opportunity to ask for their insights about the show. It seems that maybe the kid forgot about her NDA agreement to the show and answered the questions religiously. While they were Live, a fan threw a trick question and asked Gwen if Meri, Kody, and Robyn were the only ones sticking together. The fan perhaps intentionally missed out on Janelle’s name to get the insights.

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Evidently, the star kid got into the trap and answered ‘Yes’. So soon realized her mistake and added “I Think” to avoid speculation. But this clearly indicated that Janelle was no longer a part of the Brown family. Another fan asked Gwendlyn why Janelle and Kody didn’t sit together at Logan’s wedding. Apparently, the young celeb got demented and asked her friend with whom the patriarch sat. Sarah’s wild guess hit the bull’s eye as it actually was Robyn Brown. Gwen wasn’t shocked and replied, “Obviously,” with his wife.

This statement gave rise to another speculation that maybe by Logan’s wedding, the couple wasn’t together. This could be why Kody preferred to sit with his ‘wife’ during the ceremony. However, the veil from the truth will only come out in the upcoming seasons.

Sister Wives: Gwendlyn Brown Calls Robyn Brown ‘The Worst Person’

The Sister Wives star kid, Gwen Brown, has decided to reveal all the truths of the family. Recently fans took to Reddit to ask the star kid how she feels about her father’s fourth wife. Earlier, Gwen hinted about Robyn not being likable, so the fan asked why she didn’t like her. The 21-year-old took time and wrote back, “is there an all of the above option?” She also added that she doesn’t like to trash talk people, but Kody’s fourth wife is ‘worse’ in person. It was shocking for fans because its the first time someone from the Brown family openly slammed Robyn Brown.

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Fans felt it was justified for Gwen not to like Robyn Brown, as no doubt she was one of the core reasons why her parents separated. Even in the recent episodes, Robyn targeted Christine and lashed her out. Perhaps the 21-year-old didn’t like how the so-called ‘favorite wife’ treated her mom. Earlier fans waited for Christine’s tell-all moments for the insights. But it seems that Gwen is also a valuable asset to knowing the family’s secrets.