Welcome To Plathville Stars Who Showed Off Sporty Style


The Plath kids on Welcome to Plathville grew up playing sports as a family, and they still like to show off their sporty styles on Instagram.

Fans of Welcome to Plathville have seen the Plath kids show off their athleticism, and they also bring their sporty looks to Instagram. When the nine kids were first introduced on the show, fans were shocked that they would all play basketball and football together, but could not name one professional player like LeBron James or Tom Brady because they were so sheltered. Though the Plath kids have all come a long way since season 1, they are not afraid to show off their roots and post some sporty pictures.

Welcome to Plathville gives each of the Plath kids a chance to be in the spotlight and give fans a taste of their personality. Lydia is very religious, Moriah is the rebel who has a passion for music, Micah is a flirt who loves to workout, Ethan loves working on old cars, and Isaac loves planes. The younger Plath kids are not shown as much on the show, but there is no doubt that the entire Plath family is in good shape from being raised on the farm. Though Moriah is known for wearing shocking outfits on Instagram, her siblings like to show off a different side of themselves.

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Micah Hits The Golf Course

Micah, Ethan, and Isaac Plath had a guy’s day out and went golfing. This was during the period of time on Welcome to Plathville that Ethan was isolated from his younger siblings because of his parent’s rules. Fans were happy to just see the brothers break free of the Plath family drama for an afternoon and show off their golfing skills. Turns out, none of them had ever been before, and they had more fun laughing about how bad they were at golfing, but they did look the part.

Lydia Goes On The Ropes


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The Plath kids spent their days climbing trees and running around on their huge farm in rural Georgia, so they are not strangers to adventure. Lydia showed off her wanderlust by getting strapped in and swinging from a rope in a forest, saying rappelling is next. Though she mostly shares her passion for music and singing on Instagram, Lydia has also showed her sporty excursions like white water rafting and doing the rope swing.

Isaac & Micah Work Out


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Welcome to Plathville fans want a spin-off with Isaac and Micah or Micah and Ethan because of their fun workouts together. Though Micah and Ethan’s workout soon led to them laughing and chasing each other in the woods, Micah and Isaac are more serious with their gym sessions. Micah is very into fitness, and Isaac has followed in his older brother’s footsteps. They like working out together and sharing posts to show off their muscles.

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