90 Day Fiancé Fans Call Out The Hypocrisy Of Casting Angela Deem


90 Day Fiancé star Angela’s abuse towards Michael on Happily Ever After? isn’t stopping. Fans think she would already be fired if she were a man.

Angela Deem from 90 Day Fiancé and her new abusive scenes with Michael Ilesanmi on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? season 7 has fans wondering if she would have been fired by now if she were a male cast member. 56-year-old Angela and 34-year-old Michael married in January 2020 and stayed separated due to COVID-19 and visa difficulties. In the meantime, Angela started her weight loss journey but claimed she never felt supported by Michael in it. She figured Michael may have been scamming her for a Green Card, especially when he made an Instagram account to “cheat” on her, which led Angela to book a flight to Nigeria on a whim, where she’s been abusing him since.

Angela trashing Michael’s car in a previous Happily Ever After? episode made fans upset as they called for her to be fired from the show. But it’s not like that was the last scene of the season where Angela was berating and mistreating Michael. Reddit user TheMacaroni2020 shared a clip from episode 9 in which Angela and Michael are seated in a restaurant. Michael wanted to sit down with Angela to tell her about how he made Instagram to become an influencer and make money. However, Angela started screaming, “I don’t give a god**m about no money b***h. F**k you and your money b***h,” when Michael claimed he wanted to make money on his own to support his family when she stopped sending it. Angela screamed that Michael was “untrustable” and accused him of using Instagram to talk to women and not to become an influencer.

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90 Day Fiancé Fans Want ‘Violent’ Angela To Be Fired

She’s violent, if cameras weren’t there I’m sure she would have hit him,” wrote user Mermalade13. “I hope Shaun Robinson calls her out for the abusive behavior at the Tell-All,” hoped user AlicaNotKeys about 90 Day Fiancé‘s Angela. “This is 100% domestic abuse and it’s so sad. She needs to be removed from the show,” posted user 1337xh4x0rz. Fans like mummydal admitted to reading into Angela’s body language such as kicking the table, standing up, and towering over Michael, etc that is “100% abuser” Fans admitted to skipping Angela’s scene because of how triggering it is. They wondered how Angela acts behind closed doors if she is like this on camera.

Fans seem to agree that if it had been a male cast member in Angela’s place there would have been an uproar when she continues to get airtime in multiple spin-offs. “There is no way a man would last another minute on this show if the roles were reversed,” wrote user iOcean_Eyes. Fans called out TLC for enabling Angela’s abusive tendencies by rewarding her every time they cast her on a show. They expected TLC to at least put a trigger warning on the scene because it was so upsetting to the audience. Meanwhile, a link to a Change.org petition has also been floating on multiple posts calling out Angela’s abusive tendencies, which fans are furiously signing.

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Viewers fail to understand why TLC tolerates Angela. They are worried about Michael’s safety, even wondering how long Angela is going to keep testing his patience. There is a slight chance that Angela puts on a show for the camera, where she exaggerates everything she does, including her shouting matches with Michael. But whether reality TV star Angela is really the way she is on 90 Day Fiancé in real life or not, the majority of fans have lost any ounce of respect they had for her to ever consider the possibility.

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