Sister Wives: Christine Urged To Make Dancing Debut On DWTS!


The Sister Wives star Christine Brown has always been one of the people’s favorites. She has had a dramatic life during the last decades. This includes living in a polygamous marriage and having a humiliating and not-so-interested partner. Things have been rough for the star. However, since 2021 when she decided to part ways with the Browns, things are falling into place for the TLC star. Now watching the star getting stable, fans wish to see the star cast in Dancing With Stars. To know more, keep on reading.

Sister Wives: Sky Is The Limit For Christine Brown

The Sister Wives star Christine announced her shift to Utah just after her divorce. Currently, the star is living in Utah with her 12-year-old daughter, Truly. The TLC star made it clear that she won’t leave the reality show even after her divorce. Besides this, she has her own show named “Cooking With Just Christine”. Indeed for Christine, the sky is the limit as she, while raising her daughter, is also running a cookery show and shooting for Sister Wives as well. Her accomplishment doesn’t end her. The star also sells Plexus products in partnership with Janelle Brown, which has been very successful lately.

After watching the star’s multitasking personality, fans also wish to see her in ‘Dancing With The Star’. DWTS is a reality dancing show. It basically pairs up celebs with professional dancers, and the pair is judged on their dance performances. Fans recently expressed their desire on Reddit to watch the star dance. A fan commented and asked if anyone else also wanna see Christine in the next season of DWTS. People were quick to respond and said that she would definitely be people’s favorite if she appeared. The third one pointed out her love for dance and explained how perfect she was for the show.

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Sister Wives: Christine’s Blooming Phase Is Onn

The Sister Wives star Christine has faced several hardships in her life. However, her glooming phase is on lately, and fans are loving it. In the past few years, the 50-year-old has become the people’s favorite and has all the support of her fans. She has been promoting her Plexus with Janelle and announced a trip for the selected lucky winners as well. The TLC star’s life is on the right track finally as she enjoys her life with her kids and grandkids in Utah. Fans also hope that Janelle Brown does a spinoff of Sister Wives in the future. Lately, the star has also been open to dating and has a casual date as well in her life.

While the recent episodes still feature Kody Brown making a blame list for his failed marriage with Christine. He still thinks that it was his ex-wife’s fault that the marriage didn’t work out. For him, the 50-year-old had been playing games and treated his beloved fourth wife like a speck of dirt. Fans know exactly whose fault it was and are happy for Christine.