’90 Day Fiancé’: Elizabeth’s Sister Becky Gets Into Physical Altercation With Andrei (Exclusive) – LC


Andrei’s bad blood with Elizabeth’s family isn’t going away anytime soon. In this exclusive clip from Sunday’s new episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, Elizabeth’s sisters, Jenn and Becky, get into a shouting match with Andrei, which turns physical when Becky puts her hands on him.

Andrei doesn’t get along with anyone in Elizabeth’s family except for her father, Chuck, and during last week’s episode, Elizabeth decided to announce she’s pregnant with her and Andrei’s second child on social media instead of telling the rest of her family personally. Obviously, the announcement caused more bad feelings between Elizabeth and her siblings, and in the clip, they blame Andrei, telling cameras that Elizabeth wouldn’t have done it that way on her own. The four sit down for a conversation, which quickly devolves when Andrei accuses Jenn and Becky of following their mom, Pam’s, lead in “covering up” for their brother, Charlie, whom they’ve all accused of having a drinking problem. Elizabeth and Andrei are upset with Jenn and Becky because after they initially all agreed to pull back from family functions until Charlie’s issues are resolved, Jenn and Becky didn’t follow through and attended their mother’s birthday party.

“You’re just a bunch of followers,” Andrei tells them.

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Andrei accuses Jenn of being jealous of him. The two then start yelling at each other, which is when Becky stands up and shouts at Andrei.

“Shut the f**k up!” she yells. “Stop f**king yelling at her!”

The argument escalates when Becky physically pushes Andrei.

“Get some respect!” she yells. “You have no f**king respect!”

Andrei tells her to “get the f**k away from me,” while Elizabeth attempts to diffuse the situation but it’s obviously not helping. Of course, viewers will recall that this is not the first time Andrei has gotten into a physical altercation with Elizabeth’s family. 90 Day Fiancé producers previously intervened when he got into a fist fight with Charlie, and Elizabeth also previously got into a shoving match with Becky while defending Andrei.