90 Day Fiancé Star Julia Trubkina May Return To Bodybuilding


90 Day Fiancé Star Julia Trubkina may be returning to bodybuilding. Fans know Trubkina, whose last name sounds like a Pokémon, from season 8 of the show. She was featured on the show with beau Brandon Gibbs right before they tied the knot. The couple have recently moved to Virginia Beach where both are thriving. She is well known as a former fitness instructor and she did many tours and even competitions. Something has had been doing less and less as her family grew. Furthermore, in a silly new Instagram, she pokes fun at her slight weight gain. She also seemed to hint at wanting to get back into bodybuilding. While eating fries. You literally cannot be mad at that. It’s not possible.

She even talked about meeting up with some people and discussing a 2023 competition held in February that she is very interested in partaking in. Trubkina points out how she normally competes in Russia but would love to do some American leagues. She is a hard person NOT to root for.

90 Day Fiancé Star Julia Trubkina Teases Return to Bodybuilding

Via Screenrant:

“Julia used to be a fitness instructor and performed for three years in a row touring different cities. However, Julia seems to have stopped participating in bikini competitions after supposedly gaining a little weight. It seems Julia poked fun at her weight gain dilemma in a new video on Instagram. 90 Day Fiancé star Julia used a photo from her first-ever fitness competition in the background of her video while she ate French Fries in the foreground, reliving her memories. “This is me. Jessica. I’m in here,” Julia mouthed a funny line from The Hot Chick. Julia asked her fans in her caption, “What do you think if I try to prepare for competitions in America?” She admitted she’s very interested in doing it.”

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Though it may be too early to be sure, 90 Day Star Julia Trubkina may be returning to bodybuilding. But honestly, she had us at ‘eating French fries’. All kidding aside women are stunning at any size so we hope it is not societal norms pushing her. She does seem like she really enjoys it, though, so full steam ahead for her!

Regardless, as we finish our French fries, we wish her the best.

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