‘Loren & Alexei: After the 90 Days’ Season 2 First Look: Alexei Considers a Vasectomy – LC


90 Day Fiancé fan favorites Loren and Alexei Brovarnik are back for season 2 of their spinoff, Loren & Alexei: After the 90 Days! ET can exclusively reveal that the show’s second season premieres on Dec. 12 on TLC, and judging by its first trailer, there’s plenty going on with the Brovarnik family.

Season 2 focuses on Loren and Alexei’s growing family, as she’s pregnant with their third child — a baby girl she gave birth to in September — just a few months after welcoming son Asher. Now, they only have nine months to find a bigger place to live, kickstart oldest son Shai’s child-modeling career, and take their first family vacation to Israel.

“We are so ready for season 2! This season is definitely unexpected in many ways!” Loren and Alexei share in a statement to ET. “We are so excited to have our journey continue and the story unfold with everyone. Three kids under three is exhausting, beautiful, terrifying, incredible and did we mention exhausting. Lots of changes happening at once, we feel content for now…unless tequila is involved!”

In the trailer, Loren asks their doctor if Alex should get a vasectomy following the birth of their third child, but Alexei clearly isn’t into it.

“No man thinks that,” he says when Loren says their doctor agrees he should get a vasectomy.

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Later, Loren has an intense argument with her parents when she and Alexei consider moving to Israel.

“She’s tried to control me my whole life and she hates that she’s lost control,” Loren says about her mom, before her mom is seen shockingly telling her to “shut the f**k up.”

On a lighter note, ET can also share adorable pictures of Loren and Alexei’s photo shoot with their three kids — Shai, Asher and newborn daughter Ariel.

“I’m biased but I think we’ve got some very cute kids, I mean, look at those faces,” Loren says.


ET spoke with the couple in June at the 2022 MTV Movie & TV Awards, where they expressed shock at taking home the award for “Best Reality Romance.”

“I don’t think it’s hit us how many people watch us still, to this day,” Loren told ET. “We didn’t think we would’ve been married when we met, like, we’re married seven years now, we never would’ve thought this.”

Alexei added, “It’s special. It’s no joke, right, and like, we didn’t think about any of this, but it’s big, right? So many people voted for us.”

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