90 Day Fiance: Emily Bierberly says sex life with Kobe Blaise is ‘almost nonexistent’ – LC


90 Day Fiance star Emily Bierberly opened up about her sex life with her husband, Kobe Blaise, in a recent interview.

Emily met the then-underwear model Kobe in a nightclub while she was working as an English teacher in Xi’an, China.

The pair hit it off after a one-night stand and began dating. Near the end of their stay in China, the couple got engaged.

However, Emily soon found out she was pregnant, and COVID-19-related travel restrictions kept them apart for two years before they reunited on 90 Day Fiance, which captured the moment the TLC star met his son.

Emily angered fans when she suggested Kobe spent his first night in Kansas with her before meeting his son because she wanted to find out if they still had chemistry.

They worked through their relationship issues on the TLC series and have since expanded their family with another child, and she is explaining why their sex life is non-existent.

Emily Bierberly explains why sex life with Kobe has stalled

Emily appeared on The Sarah Fraser Show and was asked about her sex life with Kobe.

The mother of two admitted their romance in the bedroom is “almost non-existent.”

She explained that Kobe’s work schedule and her early gym sessions get in the way of sex.

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The 90 Day Fiance star also opened up about sex being a big part of their relationship in the beginning.

However, Emily stated that she is glad it is no longer what keeps them together while acknowledging it’s still important for the pair to make time for each other.


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Emily and Kobe welcomed their baby girl, Scarlett Ann, on October 5, 2021.

Emily Bierberly wants another baby with Kobe Blaise

During her appearance on The Sarah Fraser Show, Emily also revealed that she wants to have more children in the future.

However, they want to move out of her parent’s house before expanding their family.

Emily, Kobe, and their son, Koban, lived with her parents, David and Lisa, in Salinas, Kansas, during their appearance on 90 Day Fiance Season 9.

Her father requested that the pair not get pregnant again while they were living in his home. However, Emily and Kobe got pregnant despite not trying for a second child. It caused issues between the couple, who were still learning to live with each other and build their finances for the future.

Although they are still living with Emily’s parents, they are not freeloaders, as Kobe helps with the farm while she helps with running the household.

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Kobe also has a full-time job, while Emily is a stay-at-home mom.

90 Day Fiance is currently on hiatus.

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