Pedro Jimeno taunts 90 Day Fiance critics who watch him on social media – LC


90 Day Fiance and The Family Chantel star Pedro Jimeno has been going through a nasty and public divorce from Chantel Everett, and it looks like he has a message for his critics.

Much of the 90 Day audience has sided with Chantel after watching an entire season and hearing from both sides what went so wrong in their marriage as to cause a complete collapse.

That said, Pedro shared a video taken from the driver’s seat of the road in front of him and seemingly taunted his haters in the caption.

There was a voiceover to the video saying, “You post a picture on your Instagram page and you get 10 likes. You post the same picture on your Instagram Stories and get 300 views. The moral of the story is not many people like you but they’re watching.”

In Pedro’s caption, he added, “They don’t like me but they watch at me.”

Pedro did not elaborate on whether a particular trigger caused him to post that taunt and call out.


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Pedro Jimeno has been active on social media since his breakup with Chantel Everett

Right before Season 4 of The Family Chantel aired earlier this year, Pedro and Chantel were silent on social media. They deleted all recent traces of each other off their pages, leading to speculation about their relationship status.

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Once Season 4 aired, it became clear that Pedro and Chantel’s marriage was suffering and the rest of the season was about their painful breakup.

Towards the beginning of Season 4, official news broke that Pedro had filed for divorce from Chantel in late May 2022, with each having a restraining order against the other.

Now that the pair have split, they have ramped up their social media activity, both striving to post unbothered selfies and content showing them living their best lives.

Pedro is up for an ARTAS Reality Royalty Award

The 9th annual American Reality Television Awards has nominated Chantel and Pedro separately for the Reality Royalty Award.

The award is described as being “presented to the most notable star/stars in Reality Television each year.”

The winner will be announced later this month, and The Family Chantel stars also have to contend with fellow 90 Day franchise alums Darcey and Stacey Silva for the title.

The Family Chantel is currently on hiatus.