Sister Wives: Kody Slams Christine For Treating His Favorite Wife Like Dirt


Sister Wives Season 17 has been centering around Christine leaving the Brown and moving to Utah to restart her life. The latest episode revolves around the last week of the star in Arizona. Christine wanted to build memories before she left, but it seems she rather has nightmares now instead of memories. The TLC celeb decided to reveal her decision to the Browns that she’s moving to Utah. However, things didn’t go well, and the star received backlash from her ex-husband and Sister Wives. To know what led to these confrontations, keep on reading.

Sister Wives: A Happy Evening Turned Into A Nightmare For Christine

The latest episode of Sister Wives features the patriarch spending the evening with his wives in Christine’s backyard. As per Cheatsheet, the preview of the episode featured a pleasant conversation about Christine selling the house. It jumped to the grave topic of how she treated her other Sister Wives during her years of marriage. Kody concludes that Christine has always treated his favorite wife, Robyn, like dirt. Perhaps, that is the main reason he is pissed off with her. Meri, like always, spoke in support of the patriarch. She also added in an interview that she had witnessed Christine’s non-acceptance of Robyn. The lone wolf added that Christine had a behavior of disdain against her.

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It was awful when the patriarch exclaimed that loving Christine and making sacrifices for her was just a knife in his kidney. Robyn, who had hope that maybe the couple would get back, witnesses her ray of hope dying a death of agony. Only Janelle stayed back to support her devastated ex-sister wife; the rest left after the conversation. Apparently, Christine claims that she has given her best to make this marriage work, yet she has a fear of being called a “fraud” or a “liar”. However, fans know her struggles and that it was just an attempt by the Browns to instill guilt in Christine for leaving



Sister Wives: Kody Brown Stands Strong In Support Of His Favorite Wife

The Sister Wives fans have always accused the patriarch of having a favorite wife. Hence, Kody clarifies this accusation by favoring Robyn even more. He tries to explain that his family with Robyn is more connected. Apparently, the kids and his fourth wife communicate every bit with him. The patriarch feels involved in the marriage with Robyn. Not only fans but Christine also once accused him of having a favorite wife. Indeed this favoritism was one of the core reasons for her split.

The entire Brown family thinks that plural marriage has definitely benefited their children to get along. Yet, Kody and Robyn Brown decline all the claims. Apparently, the patriarch feels that only Janelle’s and Christine’s kids get along. He also feels that his kids with Robyn are left behind. Indeed Robyn and her children are right when they say they aren’t getting equal treatment like the rest of the Browns. But it is because they get better treatment! Janelle slams Robyn’s claim of shunning treatment and exclaims that all the kids get along well, and it’s all in her head.

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