Robyn Brown Hospitalized With COVID-19 In Sister Wives Sneak Peek


A sneak peek of upcoming Sister Wives episodes shows Robyn and Kody Brown facing their worst fear as his favorite wife battles COVID-19.

Fans will see Robyn Brown battle for her life in Sister Wives season 17 after contracting COVID-19. Kody Brown has taken his family’s safety extremely seriously, even when other family members ignored his rules. Even though Kody and Robyn were so careful, it looks like the pandemic penetrated their homestead too.

Kody has been very much aware that even if the governments of the world are trying to push COVID-19 to the side as a society, he and his family are very much at the epicenter when it comes to trying to stay healthy. In a sneak peek at upcoming episodes of Sister Wives season 17, shared by Peoplefans will see Robyn fall ill to the virus and end up in the hospital. During a scene for the Sister Wives mid-season trailer, Robyn shared that even though she and Kody followed all the protocols, COVID-19 “still got us.” As fans know, Janelle Brown’s household was locked down due to an outbreak, and even Kody caught the virus in 2021, but Robyn had a much harder time.

Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Wonders If Robyn Will ‘Live’

Sister Wives fans will see Robyn having to be rushed to the hospital while wearing a mask and waiting to be tended to by a doctor. In typical dramatic Kody fashion, the patriarch was seen telling the cameras that he was worried if Robyn was even “gonna live.” Sister Wives followers recently learned via Paedon Brown that Kody not only had COVID-19 but hasn’t even been vaccinated. The father of 18 was made to look like a hypocrite for wanting to be extra safe but not choosing to heed doctors’ research. There has been no proof to suggest that Robyn is also vaccinated, leaving fans with more questions than answers.

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Kody’s older children have already cut off the patriarch after his tirade about the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. Last season on Sister Wives, viewers saw Kody, Gabe, and Garrison become embroiled in a heated discussion where the children voiced that they felt deserted. Kody stuck to his guns, noting if they would follow the rules, he would see them. Sister Wives viewers have felt that Kody has been an absent father for years, and his children’s anger only goes to prove there is more to the family issues.

Currently, Sister Wives fans just watched Gabe pour his heart out in a confessional as he revealed he isn’t sure what he had done wrong to make his father ignore him and their relationship. For years, viewers have blamed Robyn for turning Kody’s head, as it was more than obvious that she was his favorite wife. Fans will have to tune in to upcoming episodes of Sister Wives to see how the coronavirus affected Robyn and if she made a full recovery.

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